December 17th, 1998

Mr. Gerhard Muenchmeyer, P.E.

Miller Pipeline Corporation


Trenchless Technology

February 18, 1999

Mr. Robert Burnside

S.E. Johnson Division Manager

Gary Ferguson- Sharp Testing Services

Today’s Asphalt Pavements

April 22, 1999

Miles Ducore

Market Manager

Polyfoam Packer Corporation

Use of Rigid Plastic Foam for Highway Fill Applications

June 17, 1999

James M. Barker, SE, PE

Vice President, HNTB Project Manager Maumee River Crossing

Segmental Bridges

September 16, 1999

Gary Quill

Director, Toledo Express Airport

Recent Developments at

Toledo Express Airport

December 9, 1999

Eugene A. Lamberson, PE

Midwest Regional Manager

Reinforced Earth Company

Applications of Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls for Highway Projects

January 27, 2000

Tim Beach, PE

Vice President

Con-Span Corporation

Design Build Projects using

Con-Span Structures and

Mu-Ebal Retaining Wall Systems

March 16, 2000

Gordon Proctor

Director Ohio Department of Transportation

State of ODOT Address

May 18, 2000

Keith Earley, P.E, P.S.

Lucas County Engineer

Revised Lucas County Subdivision Regulations and Proposed Access Management Regulations

September 21, 2000

Christopher Hibbett

ODOT District 2 Utility Coordinator

Utility Coordination

November 16, 2000

Ken Ishmael

Assistant Project Manager

Maumee River Crossing

January 25, 2001

Mr. Mark Kaczinski

General Manager, Engineering

The D.S. Brown Company

"Design Considerations for Expansion Joint Systems and Bearing Assemblies"

March 29, 2001

Mr. Rob Fleischman P.E..

The Ohio Turnpike Commission

"Update on Ohio Turnpike Projects"

May 17, 2001

Mr. Thomas Linkous P.E.

Assist. Environmental Administrator

Ohio Department of Transportation                                     

Office of Environmental Services

"Wetlands Impacts on Highway and Bridge Projects"

September 13th, 2001

Mr. Dennis Blansit

Market Development Manager for Infrastructure


"Highway and Area Lighting Issues"

November 8th, 2001

Dr. Douglas K. Nims, P.E.

Associate Professor
Director of Undergraduate Program The University of Toledo

Department of Civil Engineering

"The Effects of Public Involvement

Maumee River Crossing Project"

January 17, 2002

Mr. Michael Ciotola

Program Manager for the ODOT Railroad Grade Separation Program

ODOT Railroad Grade Separation Program

March 28, 2002

Mr. Dave Dicke

Real Estate Administrator

ODOT District 2               

"ODOT  Right-of-way and Real Estate Issues"

May 16, 2002

Ms. Suzann Gad


ODOT Office of Urban & Corridor Planning

"Access Ohio Update and the current status of the I-75 corridor study"

September 19, 2002

Fred Frecker

Flexible Pavements

"Perpetual Pavements"

November 21, 2002

John Kusnier

The Mannik and Smith Group

"Recent Changes in Federal and State Regulations for Roadside Ditches, Streams, and Wetlands"

February 6, 2003

Kristin Eggeman

Director of Engineering

Ohio Concrete Construction Association

Concrete Pavements

March 20, 2003

Joe Rutherford

Administrator, ODOT District 2

Update on Ohio Transportation Funding Initiative

June 4, 2003

Wade Bonzon

Figg Bridge Enginners

Construction Update of the Maumee River Crossing Project and Project Tour

September 18th, 2003

Tom Letizia

Meredith Brothers, Inc.

Pavement Life Extension with Pavement Interlayers


November 20th, 2003

Jim Coppock

City of Cincinati

Department of Transortation and Engineering

Transportation Design Section

ADA Requirements



January 15, 2004

Dennis Charvat

Ohio Department of Transportation District 2

Errors and Omissions      


March 18, 2004

Edward A. Franks, P.E.,

Executive Vice President

Thomas J. Washko. P.E.,


Adache Ciuni Lynn Associates

"Fort Meigs Memorial Bridge over

 the Maumee River "


May 20, 2004


Todd Audet, DDD

District Deputy Director

Ohio Department of Transportation District 2



September 16, 2004

Steve Jewell, P.E.

Senior Transportation Engineer DLZ Ohio, Inc.,

Traffic Solutions Utilizing A Modern Roundabout in Central Ohio

November 18, 2004

Anthony L. Reams



Transportation Planning


January 20, 2005

Matt Selhorst

ODOT Program Manager

Tetra Tech

An overview of ODOT’s Project Development Process

March 10, 2005

James M. Barker, SE, PE

Vice President, HNTB


How to Build a $20M Bridge in One Year - Perry Street Bridge Replacement (HEN-108-15.55)

May 19, 2005

David Rose

MSO Construction USA Limited

Cold-in-Place Asphalt Recycling

September 15, 2005

Mark T. Jones, PS

Executive Director

Ohio State Board of Registration for

Professional Engineers and Surveyors

CPD Requirements

January 19, 2006

Ms. Gwen Samuels

Mr. Robin Cera

Trinity Highway Safety Products

Cable Restraining Guardrail


March 16, 2006

Kristin Cousino, PE –

City of Toledo Division of

Streets, Bridges, and Harbor


Rehabilitation of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Bridge

May 18, 2006

Ken Ishmael

HNTB Project Director

Maumee River Crossing

Veterans’ Glass City Skyway Tour


September 21, 2006

Dave O’Donnell –

American Pavements, Inc.

Strategies for Pavement Preservation


November 16, 2006

Mark McCabe –


ODOT Post-Construction Storm Water Management


January 18, 2007

John Crandall –

Lucas County Engineers Office

TRAC Board Member

Update on TRAC Projects

March 15, 2007

Phil Gase

DS Brown

Prefabricated Steel
Grid Bridge

May 17, 2007

Matt Aston, President

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems Technology and Application


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